Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hand puppet, huge soft doggie and piglet storage box

Was having dinner with Missy SH today. Saw a toy fair.

Walked in and picked up:
1. A frog hand puppet that my housemate said looks more like a crocodile. Damn now he is going to have an inflated ego.
2. A huge soft doggie that will sit on my lap and study with me. Just like Mr Yappy back in undergrad. Where is Mr Yappy, by the way?
3. Pink piglet (From Winnie the Pooh) storage box.

Hehe. I should take pics of these totally useless things that I buy sometimes because I can get emotionally needy.

I wanted doggie to have cross eyes and searched through the whole bin for one but I guess the QC in Singapore is pretty good. They all have normal eyes. So I have to settle.

And I can't walk through the hand / finger puppets section and not buy anything! Missy asked, "Are you mad like that? You know, talk to yourself through the puppets?"

No, lah. But I love giving them personalities and talking in different voices. Oh... I have a least 20 finger puppets... Crap where are they? I even listed their personalities down.
No no. Stop playing! Study first! Will play with them during school holidays. Yay! So happy!

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ashley said...

tee hee- i too collect too many funny toys- i think it is something to do with the need to be young and free- and i have the excuse of being a teacher {even if they are for me!}
i will have to check out pushing daisies.
thanks for the recommendation;)
x ashley