Wednesday, October 8, 2008

He remembers!

An email came today from Huawei. I read and re-read the sender's name.

"Oh my god!"
It's from cute punjabi boy!

We met during a short 2-days company training. We didn't know each other before that but boy did we click! I even walked into the glass door a few times because of him. Up till one point he gave up and opened the door for me because I am such a klutz.

And then there was the part where another car nearly crashed into his because he did a sudden de-tour just to ask me if I wanted to go to lunch with him. How can I say no?
*Truth is, I already had a huge lunch of rice, sandwich and coffee. But I still had lunch with him anyways hehe*

We talked a lot and I kept bumping into things because I was paying a little too much attention to him.

And he remembers me... *shy*

He said I am one of the very few people he keeps in touch with. Awww... Sure, I'll marry you and we can have punjabi-chinese babies who will grow up with identity crisis. Way to go!♥

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