Monday, June 13, 2016

Setting My Intentions in Life

Things I will like to achieve in the next few years.

  1. Be married to this wonderful man. 
  2. Move in with him to Toronto!
  3. Have beautiful kids with this man.

  1. Have a stunning career. Keep building my love and significance.
  2. Spin off my company to greatness.
  3. Build F&L. Monetise.
  4. Be financially smarter everyday!

  1. Take great care of my health; physically and emotionally.
  2. Be a fantastic & loving person. Live with kindness and gratitude.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New to Baking

I've been baking like crazy just so I can get back in game.

But before that, we would need some equipments don't we?

Here are some recommendations from:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heine from Finland

She is so very cute. I used to follow her on flickr wardrobe remix.

Now I found her again! Wheeee~

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Repost: My Birthday 2005

(First posted in September 2005)

Which also happens to be my last day in ANTlabs.
Sad? Happy? Relieved? I don't know what I am supposed to feel. But I definitely felt a lot of emotions.

I have been really happy since Thursday night. Thomas, Helen and Hwee Ping took me out to Merchant Court for dinner buffet. Chocolate fountain. We ate and bitched about everything. Which is really, what I do best. So touched with their presents; mostly it's their company.

Midnight, Thursday, sent out my thank you note that got spinned into a long, very long email :|
Which got replied mostly by people I didn't mentioned 8|.... the CEO. Eh?

Friday morning, rush to work. Some dude carrying a bouquet of roses came into the office, "Miss Vuvie". I actually got scared... I wanted to hide under the table. What? Why call my name? AAAAAAAAAAAAH. Turns out the flowers' for me. Huh? Phew! It's from Nicole, Johnny and Melanie. Eh? So sweet!

Gotta finish setting up the server for Alvin. Ugh! Haven't backup my stuff. About 12pm, Rudi came to our office, snaps his fingers and asked, "Ready to go?" Not really... still didn't quite understand something. Ah nevermind. To keep him busy, told him he can play with my camera. Which he gleefully did. Hahaha.

Repost My Realization

(First posted somewhere in 2005)

You said, "Come on! Let's go take pictures." You held up your 35mm Nikon. I was so excited.
"Papa! I want to show you my new camera. I got a Nikon, just like you!"
I looked around frantically but I can't find. Where did I put?
You said, "It's ok! Let's go! No time to loose."
"But Papa, I want to show you. It's a digital SLR. I know you would like it.
If you use this, you won't need to develop the pictures anymore."
You said, "But where is it? You forgot to bring? Fine, then. But right now, the day is just right for photographing."
Somewhere, something just isn't quite right.
"But Papa, I thought you died?"
And I woke up.
And I woke up. From this dream. Into another dream.

A voice is telling me, "Your father is dead. He died"
"You are lying!"
"He is dead already! He is not in this world anymore. You will never see him again"
"No! What lie is that? My father is here! Why are you telling these lies? Stop it!"
"He is dead! Dead! Dead! He died!"
"Stop! Stop! Stop!"

Into yet another.

Papa! I ran and hugged you.
I miss you, Papa. I am so glad! Where did you go? Where did you go for so
long? You are here, now. I am so happy. I have so much to tell you.

And another.

Papa! Please don't leave me. I can't survive without you. Please. I am sorry. Please come back.
"You are still waiting? Don't wait up!"
Please... don't leave me. I don't know how to live without you. Don't leave me, please come back.
"Don't wait anymore, I am not coming back."
That is the saddest thing you have ever told me, Papa.

Why? It isn't fair. It's not fair. I am nobody without you. Papa...

Repost: Brave Girl

(First posted on 4th October 2008)

Against my better judgment, I tripped. I like someone I shouldn't.

One day, when I left logic at home, this is what happened:

Every step we take, going up the stairs means the closer we are to reality again. I have to do something before this moment pass. Or else I will miss it.

Oh, be brave. Say it. Need something. Need courage.

My hand went up and slapped him across the face. I kept on walking. He stopped.

"What's that about?"

I stopped.
Turn around. Look at him.

"You ignored me."
"I don't get it."
Tired of pretending. Just get it out. "I like you. I like you a lot." Look on the floor.

He slumped against the wall. Sad. Points to his watch. "I am leaving in two weeks. What do you want me to do?"

Nothing. I just want you to know. "Can't you tell at all?"

"There are times when I thought you might. And then you will come back with insults. You are so hard to read, you know that?"

You're not the first to say this. "I am always around clients. Learn to keep everything inside."

"Oh, and I don't have relationships with colleague."

That's my line. "Me too." Smile.

"Then we don't have a problem there."

Then why do you still look so sad? I am sorry I made you sad. "I am sorry. I am so sorry."

Whisper. "Don't be. Don't be."

Did you think I slept with your friend? "I am not a slut."

"I didn't suggest that."

Well I did not. I did not do anything with your friend. I'd always like you. "I am no slut and I am not cheap either."

"I am easy."

Huh? I didn't get that at all. But I won't ask. I like you because... you are you. Who are you, really? "I'm not easily impressed and you impressed me. Well, it's your fault you're such a nerd."

"I am not."

Offended? I meant it in a good way. I am quite nerdy too. "Yes, you are."

"You like nerds?"

Nod. Tired. Tired. Relieved. Tired. I can't believe I said all that!

"Why are you shaking your head?"

This is not something I've ever done, you know? I must really like you a lot. Now I am embarrassed. Oh why did I have to say all that? Relieved and embarassed!! "Nothing..."

"Let's walk. Come on."

Still embarrassed. Hurr~~~. "I am not bad, you know!" Your loss. Hmpph!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Black Zara dress

Zara dress
$60 -

Toi Et Moi jacket
$150 -

Wolford stocking
$30 -

Dune black leather shoes
80 GBP -

Monday, May 2, 2011

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Drug allergy

I knew I have problems with certain drugs but sometimes I forget and use the same drugs again, which caused the need for allergy shot. So here's my list of drug allergies:

Aspirin - swell my face up.
Stevia-A - weeping dermatitis.
Tramadol - painkiller that gives me hives and swell my face.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Allergy and your perscribed creams

I've had the unfortunate need for allergy creams as I've gotten worse in my allergy and here's a low down of the creams I have to use, from mild to strong.

Dharcort Cream
The mildest of corticosteroids (type I). Content: hydrocortisone .
Sometimes causes acne.

Betasone Cream
Potent corticosteroids (type III). Content: betamethasone.
Sometimes causes viral skin lesions.

Elomet Cream
Potent corticosteroids (type III). Content: mometasone.
Sometimes causes tingling and skin atrophy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things to do next year

1. Time lapse videos as homage to my wonderful music collection. Sigur Ros, Jonsi comes to mind for now.
2. More more traditional art.
3. Start/midst/end the Happy Book with Emily.
4. Move to a different country.
5. Start life anew.
6. Be happy.

7. Love yourself.
8. Find someone to love you too.
9. Love him for loving you.

10. Be healthy.
11. Use only organic product on your body.

I dare only to dream -
0. Working in a vfx company.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Camellia Japonica Oil

Another horrible hair accident, so now I'm stuck with...
frizzy (!!!) dried hay hair.

So again, looking for a miracle... and Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil came as a surprise and total saviour. Bought it on a whim in Watson's. What a great product. I used it all over my hair and it softens my hair so much that I'd managed to tame the frizz. The smell is faint and pleasing.

Of course, I am also using extra virgin olive oil before shampooing daily. So I guess everything helps.

This oil (not in Oshima' packaging) is suitable for hair, nail and skin.

I really like the 100% Camellia Oil (seen below) because the bottle is really very orientally quaint. Of course it's useless as a hair oil for me as I tend to over do everything and ended up with very oily hair. However, I've decided to add mineral water and produce a homemade(ish) version of the one above.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We are many selves

Images and fantasies of our future self, believe that we should be or even fear to be; is the driver for change. All with different baggage stemming from self, family or spouse.

However the most important thing is get out of our head. To ACT.

As with this article, almost everyone who's trying to figure out the next career takes a long time to try and figure out the next career. Under normal circumstances, career transition takes 3 years and rarely linear. A few steps forward, then back.

Craft experiments. Shift connections. Make sense of the changes.

We all have our epiphany. I recognised mine as the 19 hours flight back from Boston (the plane which broke down and I had to stay over at Chicago for 24 hours). On the plane back to Singapore, I first sat beside a guy who's almost finishing his grad school, and then later, after transiting at Hong Kong, I sat beside a professor from UC Berkeley.

Everything takes time, perseverance and hard work. But pray, do start. Start by taking action on the road to Damascus.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Chicken-y Pox

So my colleague got chicken pox. 2~3 weeks after sitting very close to the another colleague during lunch.

And I talked to her prior to her "collapse". *Gulp*

Now given any other situation, I would've gone to the doctor pronto. But I just came back from summer vacation, I had allergy reaction, I hate my hair. The usuals.
So I waited. Which I should not, to get vaccination.

Once exposed, a person should get vaccinated in 5 days' time. Which is not guaranteed either. And then you wait. For maximum 3 weeks for anything to happen.

Firstly, red rashes will start either on body or top of head. When water bubbles appear on the rash, you know you've got it.

Wish me luck. Waiting for the results.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Napolean Hill: Laws to Success

1. Definite major purpose - this means having your heart fixed on what you want and not abandoning that purpose due to temporary defeat.

2. Mastermind alliance - gathering two or more individuals to help you achieve your purpose

3. Giving more than asked for - in other words, going the extra mile and providing a better service than you are paid for. Giving opens the door for receiving.

4. Faith - knowing without a doubt everything is working for you to accomplish your definite purpose.

5. Pleasing personality - not being easily offended, realizing keeping harmony and peace is an asset.

6. Personal initiative - you must act on your plan towards your definite major purpose.

7. Positive mental attitude - this will attract what you need to achieve your definite major purpose.

8. Burning desire for your definite major purpose - this stimulates you to work your plan

9. Self-discipline - encourages you to think before you act.

10. Focused attention - helps you to think about and do what you want and off what you don't want.

11. Physical health - setting your mind to think in terms of health and not in terms of illness, moderation of habits in eating and physical activity.

12. Budgeting time and money - spending time on what leads you to your major purpose.

13. Hope - this is not a water-downed version of "wishing and hoping", but an exciting expectation of what is to come.

14. Freedom from fear - if you fear anything, you are not free and will never be rich in the fuller sense.

15. Cosmic habit force - The habits you form will lead you to success or failure. You either ride your habits or they ride you.

16. Autosuggestion - this uses creative thinking to reach the subconscious mind to sow seeds of success instead of failure.

17. Organized planning - make your plan, work it and if does not work, change it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can't breathe

When I am not doing my school stuff, I felt like I've lost air. I can't breathe... Is that what love is all about?

I love studying, I feel... alive. It's important, isn't it? To feel alive?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

For Wedding and A Monkey face

Alright besides the failed attempt of a title, I must say, I really enjoyed a wedding of a colleague last Saturday. Granted we have to brave the scorching heat, sitting in a restaurant in the middle of the jungle (I am exaggerating, just Fort Canning). I love things old and I love that we had to pass the philatelic museum to get there. I love the Fuji Instax print that the bride has and uses generously throughout the lunch. Fantastic. For a quick moment, I really wanted to get married too! Haha. So here are some pictures from the wedding. I've finally worn the vintage pink dress I bought 4 years ago in Suan Lum! Yay!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Reason

She said, "Why can't you continue studying? I don't see any obstacles. It's not like you're married or have a sperm donor."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Round Lens

My brother can tell you how much I love round lens sunnies but never ever got one that fit well on my face.

His face is better because he seems to look good with all kinds of glasses.

I want all these looks...

Anyway, I've found it.

And the perfect guy to give me the lenses too!
There's this really cheap optician near my place. I've already ordered a new pair of perscription glasses (Luela styled ^_^) and my new sunnies with polarised lens. Now I'm really itching for the cat eyes lens.

Chin Tee Optical Service
151 Bishan St 11
#01-185 Singapore 570151
Contact : 62545845

*none of these pictures belong to me.

Full blown crazy

When they don't trust our scripts... I said to one colleague:

What else can I say to them?
Why don't you try our latest robot that does just that?
*whips out robot in a flourish*
This robot comes with fully articulated limbs and 6 programmable functions with 12 speaking voices.
And when you're bored, will sing your favourite lullaby to you!
All for $99.90.
Batteries not included."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

try me

I work for what I want in life.

Got a job that pays less and isn't as "glamourous". In anticipation of grad school... (In hindsight, what if I didn't get the candidature?)

And I managed to:~

Work full time.
Go to school the rest of it.
Organise company events, producing almost all the artwork.

Scalded my tongue so badly with coffee, I can't taste anything anymore. Except salt which feels waay too salty now.

Commonly heard from people who understand both worlds:
"You work 5 days a week?"
"You work full time (and you're doing your MSc)?"
"How do you split your brain in half?"
"When do you sleep?"

If this is not dedication, I don't know what is.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The love that is Zooey Deschanel

I love Zooey Deschanel. And till now, I've not stopped loving her. I love her quirkiness and her dress sense. Plus she's talented! Gosh what a package!

She & Him - In The Sun

Zooey and Joseph dancing to She & Him

500 Days of Summer - Can't help Joseph Gordon-Levitt's dancing

Zooey singing Hello Dolly

Experimenting with music

I hear good music. Almost all the time. In stores, on the bus, on tv. Almost always on tv. And I go crazy wanting to find that music. Has happened so many times. And when I'm impressed by the music, I want to do something about it. I want to make videos, animations whatever because the music evokes such emotions in me. Mostly quite euphoric.

Recently, I've discovered a few new artists via Ugly Betty (mostly mellow, thoughtful, introspective), CSI LV and NY (progressive, angst), Gossip Girl (young adult stuff, which I like, far removed from their first few seasons' which are too teenage).

And Beirut? If everyone says I don't understand orgasm, then I think this is what it is.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vespa Boy

Super Vespa, originally uploaded by jessrawk.

Vespa Boy is shy....

Vespa Boy is mine!

How to wear a tutu skirt?

I was contemplating on tutu since last year and found a really cheap one from forever 21 in peach. Which I really like.
But I thought to myself, "V, you're too old for tutus. And how are you going to wear it?"

Then i see this. And I say go ahead. Buy it!

I've bought it! Waiting for the parcel to arrive!

Obviously, I am not the only wanting and talking bout incorporating tutu into the wardrobe.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Moles on body

I've been quite curious with my body moles. Finally, I've found a site explaining them.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Deadly Female

She makes me laugh.
Her post on Sherlock Holmes (2009):

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flea Markets in Singapore

This guy lists 5 flea markets in Singapore.
Will go through them and decide.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"I think I will be less happy

if I didn't know you or talk to you. I don't know what this means or why I am telling you this. But that's how I feel."

"Haha. Cute. Me too."

"Good. And this is not flirting, just so you know."

"Ya I know. You confuse me sometimes but I get it."

Monday, November 30, 2009

He feeds me

with music that I will not easily discover on my own.

Wonderful music day and night; when I am walking around the house. When I am sleeping. Dreaming to the music he's playing in the other room.

And I love. I love them all. I love his unconventional choice of music. As old as 30 years ago and still going (Pink Floyd).

Once he heard Eric Johnston in my study and said, "You like this? I didn't know that. This is Joe Satriani taking a dump."

Another time he said, "I won't go with you to Oasis concert. But I will like to go for Dream Theater alone too because I don't want you to ruin it." And I comply.

We have our own musical world. But when these worlds collide, sometimes, we are grateful. I am grateful because ~

He feeds me with music.

(Currently I am also a contributor at because I always get quite obsessed with music I hear on tv too!)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Night massage / routine for face

I've always wondered if the way I put my serums and cream has been wrong... And I guess I was!

This is the right way to massage the serum on our face!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Say bye to Daul Kim

She always start her blog title with "Say hi..."
And I feel it's only appropriate. I read her blog. Because well, for one, she's quite funny and aware of herself and the situation she is in. Even though she's a supermodel.
And then she committed suicide. I can't even believe it. Why? Simple. She's just so aware.
I just hope her family stops editting or doing anything with her blog because that will really creep me out.

Friday, October 2, 2009

范玮琪 (Christine Fan) - 想知道现在你好不好 (I Want to Know How Have You Been?)

Tīng Jiàn Le Yì Shǒu Gē De Xuán Lǜ
听 见 了 一 首 歌 的 旋 律
Cái Xiǎng Qǐ Yǒu Guò Yí Duàn
才 想 起 有 过 一 段
Yù Jiàn Le Tài Zāo Gāo De Qíng Xù
遇 见 了 太 糟 糕 的 情 绪
Cái Xiǎng Qǐ Nǐ De Jiǎn Dān
才 想 起 你 的 简 单
Wǒ Yǐ Wéi Wǒ Yǐ Jīng Quán Bù Shì Huái
我 以 为 我 已 经 全 部 释 怀
Cái Liáo Jiě Yuán Lái Dōu Hái Zài Náo Hǎi
才 了 解 原 来 都 还 在 脑 海

Fan Fan Xiang Zhi Dao Xian Zai Ni Hao Bu Hao

Zǒu Guò Le Yì Tiáo Jiē De Shú Xī
走 过 了 一 条 街 的 熟 悉
Cái Xiǎng Qǐ Nǐ De Péi Bàn
才 想 起 你 的 陪 伴
Xuǎn Zé Yí Jiàn Wài Tào Yán Sè
选 择 一 件 外 套 颜 色
Cái Xiǎng Qǐ Shì Nǐ De Xí Guàn
才 想 起 是 你 的 习 惯
Wǒ Yǐ Wéi Wǒ Huì Fàng Shēng De Kū Hǎn
我 以 为 我 会 放 声 的 哭喊
Cái Liáo Jiě Yuán Lái Shèng Yì Diǎn Yí Hàn Yí Hàn
才 了 解 原 来 剩 一 点 遗 憾 遗 憾

Fan Fan Xiang Zhi Dao Xian Zai Ni Hao Bu Hao

Xiǎng Zhī Dào Xiàn Zài Nǐ Hǎo Bu Hǎo
想 知 道 现 在 你 好 不好
Nà Xiē Nǐ Gěi Wǒ De Huí Yì Kuài Lè Yě Bù Shǎo
那 些 你 给 我 的 回 忆 快 乐 也 不 少
Shǎo Le Nǐ De Wèi Lái Wǒ Hěn Hǎo
少 了 你 的 未 来 我 很 好
Zhǐ Shì Lí Kāi De Yuán Yīn Hǎo Xiàng Wǒ Hái Wàng Bù Liǎo
只 是 离 开 的 原 因 好 像 我 还 忘 不 了

Fan Fan Xiang Zhi Dao Xian Zai Ni Hao Bu Hao

Zǒu Guò Le Yì Tiáo Jiē De Shú Xī
走 过 了 一 条 街 的 熟 悉
Cái Xiǎng Qǐ Nǐ De Péi Bàn
才 想 起 你 的 陪 伴
Xuǎn Zé Yí Jiàn Wài Tào Yán Sè
选 择 一 件 外 套 颜 色
Cái Xiǎng Qǐ Shì Nǐ De Xí Guàn
才 想 起 是 你 的 习 惯
Wǒ Yǐ Wéi Wǒ Huì Fàng Shēng De Kū Hǎn
我 以 为 我 会 放 声 的 哭喊
Cái Liáo Jiě Yuán Lái Shèng Yì Diǎn Yí Hàn Yí Hàn
才 了 解 原 来 剩 一 点 遗 憾 遗 憾

Fan Fan Xiang Zhi Dao Xian Zai Ni Hao Bu Hao

Xiǎng Zhī Dào Xiàn Zài Nǐ Hǎo Bu Hǎo
想 知 道 现 在 你 好 不好
Nà Xiē Nǐ Gěi Wǒ De Huí Yì Kuài Lè Yě Bù Shǎo
那 些 你 给 我 的 回 忆 快 乐 也 不 少
Shǎo Le Nǐ De Wèi Lái Wǒ Hěn Hǎo
少 了 你 的 未 来 我 很 好
Zhǐ Shì Lí Kāi De Yuán Yīn Hǎo Xiàng Wǒ Hái Wàng Bù Liǎo
只 是 离 开 的 原 因 好 像 我 还 忘 不 了

Fan Fan Xiang Zhi Dao Xian Zai Ni Hao Bu Hao

Xiǎng Zhī Dào Xiàn Zài Nǐ Hǎo Bu Hǎo
想 知 道 现 在 你 好 不 好
Xiǎng Wèn Nǐ Hái Xiāng Bu Xiāng Xìn Dāng Chū De Wán Xiào
想 问 你 还 相 不 相 信 当 初 的 玩 笑
Shǎo Le Nǐ De Wèi Lái Wǒ Hěn Hǎo
少 了 你 的 未 来 我 很 好
Zǎo Jiù Bú Zài Shāng Xīn Tā Bǐ Wǒ Gèng Zhòng Yào
早 就 不 在 伤 心 他 比 我 更 重 要

Fan Fan Xiang Zhi Dao Xian Zai Ni Hao Bu Hao

Wèn Xiàn Zài Nǐ Hǎo Bu Hǎo
问 现 在 你 好 不 好
Wèn Xiàn Zài Nǐ Hǎo Bu Hǎo
问 现 在 你 好 不 好
Wèn Xiàn Zài Nǐ Hǎo Bu Hǎo
问 现 在 你 好 不 好

Fan Fan Xiang Zhi Dao Xian Zai Ni Hao Bu Hao

Xiǎng Zhī Dào Xiàn Zài Nǐ Hǎo Bu Hǎo
想 知 道 现 在 你 好 不好
Nà Xiē Nǐ Gěi Wǒ De Huí Yì Kuài Lè Yě Bù Shǎo
那 些 你 给 我 的 回 忆 快 乐 也 不 少
Shǎo Le Nǐ De Wèi Lái Wǒ Hěn Hǎo
少 了 你 的 未 来 我 很 好
Zhǐ Shì Lí Kāi De Yuán Yīn Hǎo Xiàng Wǒ Hái Wàng Bù Liǎo
只 是 离 开 的 原 因 好 像 我 还 忘 不 了

Fan Fan Xiang Zhi Dao Xian Zai Ni Hao Bu Hao

Xiǎng Zhī Dào Xiàn Zài Nǐ Hǎo Bu Hǎo
想 知 道 现 在 你 好 不 好
Xiǎng Wèn Nǐ Hái Xiāng Bu Xiāng Xìn Dāng Chū De Wán Xiào
想 问 你 还 相 不 相 信 当 初 的 玩 笑
Shǎo Le Nǐ De Wèi Lái Wǒ Hěn Hǎo
少 了 你 的 未 来 我 很 好
Zǎo Jiù Bú Zài Shāng Xīn Tā Bǐ Wǒ Gèng Zhòng Yào
早 就 不 在 伤 心 他 比 我 更 重 要

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Embedded with sound

Music plays a big part in me. Every episode of my life is accompanied with some kind of music. That I will play relentlessly during that time.

And now, revisiting some of the music reminds me ... less of what really happened but the emotions I was feeling then.

Discovering new music is a certain high that I cannot explain.
Like finding a new collar pin!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chocolate Rain

So my mum thought I will benefit with some protein drink. And promptly bought me one from Herbalife.

This is not about the benefits of this drink even though I must say, this drink so far has been good to me. Not about losing weight but a more balanced diet.

Anyways, to drink it, you have to shake it in lukewarm water till it all dissolve. However, I found drinking the soy drink alone is quite nasty so I like to mix with chocolate. And unfortunately, I like my chocolate hot.

So yesterday night, I'd put in hot water, mixed chocolate and soya. Shake. In the dark, I just kept shaking, not realising that the hot water and vigorous shaking had caused a huge amount of energy built up in the tumbler. The next thing I know, it had exploded with a loud noise and I am covered in hot chocolate. Except... I was only wearing undies and my torso felt raw.

With that too, I discovered I'd proven the effectiveness of a certain pad from "Shop & Save" for weak bladder. Which I discovered only after this explosion.

The experiments I do to prove my case. Tsk tsk.

Monday, September 7, 2009

王菲 (Faye Wong) - 美錯 (Beautiful Mistake)

This is how I'm feeling now.


ben lai xiang yue ta
zai hai bian shan meng hai shi
que zhao cuo di fang lai dao
yi ge you yong chi
man yan shui lan de mei li
ni wo jiu cong na li kai shi
lan se de lian yi bu zhan yi duan hui yi

ni song wo ou ran cong tian er jiang
de yu shi
wo yi zhi wu hui na shi ke wan mei zhan shi
bu hui kan jian ta de xia chi
ba ta xiang zai wo de jie zhi
wo ye mai fa xian
you shen me sun shi

rang wo gan qing yong shi
li zhi wu bu yu shi
zhi shao wo jiu zhe yang kai xin
guo yi zhen zi
bu guan ta shi zhen de
ni shi jia de shui shi mu de di
neng zi yi wei shi ye shi ge en ci
bu shi lai de tai kuai
jiu shi lai de tai chi
mei li de cuo wu
wang wang zhi jie jin zhen shi
jin guan hun mi you shi
meng xing you shi bu jian chi
ren sheng zhui da de kuai le ye
bu guo ru shi
suo wei zhui sheng meng si
da gai jiu shi zhe ge yi si
suo wei tian yi jiu shi
zhe ge yi si


Originally planned to swear by the ocean with him,
Yet mistakenly arrived to a swimming pool
Eyes filled with the ocean-blue beauty,
That is where you and I began,
The blue ripples laid forth a path of memories
You gave me a meteoroid rarely descending from above,
I continued to mistake it for a perfect diamond,
Never once seeing its defect,
Mounting it onto my ring,
I did not even realize,
What was there I had lost
*Allow me to have sensibility get the better of me,
Leaving sense to no avail,
At least then I would have had a moment of happiness
Who cares if you are real or fake, or whoever is my destination,
The ability of self-righteousness is nevertheless a blessing
It always happens either too early, or too late
A beautiful mistake often comes so close to the truth
Although sometimes I wake up from dreams, and sometimes I don't hold out
The greatest happiness in life is nothing more than this
The so-called dream life
Means precisely this

Repeat *

The so-called fate means this



不管他是真的 你是假的 誰是目的地
能自以為是 也是個恩賜

儘管昏迷有時 夢醒有時 不堅持


重唱: *



Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why haven't they announce the selection yet?

Here I am biting my nails, feeling depressed.

Says here on the website. Announcement will be made in August. I so want to go for the conference. Please, please choose me! I will do anything. Actually I wishto be a carpenter. But I think that's done by professionals.

They did. I was not selected. Oh, well... I am still fine. Must be the lingering euphoria from Palawan.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Stop being so emo about ~


"I'm not emo about work. I'm emo about school."

Started crying. Can't stop.

"This is so unlike you. Do you have gay love for robot girl? You should tell her."

"No~~~ But yes. She's one of the reason I'm sad. She's my only friend in school."

"What about Zin?"

"Zin graduated. She's full-time and she finished everything except her dissertation."

"You can make other friends. Maybe you just need to cry. It's a cleansing ritual?"

"That's not it... I won't be depressed about work. Nope. I won't be depressed about school. No wait, I might because I love school. I'm definitely depressed about robot girl. And all of a sudden all three things hit me at the same time. I'm not made to take so much sadness. I am depressed."

Thomas' mom just died. So suddenly. All I could say to him was, "I can't take it." He said, "Neither can I."

Then I'd been reading Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. He reminded me of dad, and he is dead. I miss dad.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


"Oh! You're leftie!"

Lefties are more aware of other lefties. Blame it on being minority in the world of rights.

For a long time, didn't hit me why:
Takes me such a long time to unlock the gate.
Blistering thumb whenever I use the scissors.
The can-opener doesn't do what it's supposed to.
Fighting elbows at the dinner table or lecture hall.
The saw was so hard to use during carpentering class.

On top of that, people don't really like you when they can't share your guitar, baseball mitt or hockey stick.

Lefties I've encountered are extremes. They either achieve greatness or are so totally useless they're better off dead. I guess, it's a matter of adapting to an opposite environment.
You either persevere or give up totally.

However, I should be grateful of the (primary & secondary) school I was in. Almost half the of them are lefties in one way or another.

I'm now living in a leftie apartment. Just want to put that on record because I know, once I moved away in a few years' time. I will forget.
Forgetfulness is my way of dealing.

Left-handed scholarship:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A graduate school survival guide: "So long, and thanks for the Ph.D.!"

Brief description

A computer science graduate school survival guide, intended for prospective or novice graduate students. This guide describes what I wish I had known at the start of graduate school but had to learn the hard way instead. It focuses on mental toughness and the skills a graduate student needs. The guide also discusses finding a job after completing the Ph.D. and points to many other related web pages.

"So long, and thanks for the Ph.D.!"


"Everything I wanted to know about C.S. graduate school
at the beginning but didn't learn until later."

The 4th guide in the Hitchhiker's guide trilogy
(and if that doesn't make sense, you obviously have not read Douglas Adams)

by Ronald T. Azuma

v. 1.08

Original version 1997, last revised January 2003

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I was laser-eyeing the waiter when he said, "Dr. Who timing. In 4 minutes, everyone will stand up and sing the national anthem."
"Huh?" (I've no idea if he really did say Dr. Who but that's what I heard.)
"There's no end to your oblivion, isn't it? At 8:22pm, everyone will stand up and pledge their loyalty to the country. With the national anthem to boot, I believe."
"Ok... I'll pretend to be a tourist and continue eating."
"No excuse."
"You're lying... why 8:22? What's that in minutes? 502 minutes. What does that stand for?"
"Not so complicated, lah."
"Then why? What does that signifies? What's the computation in seconds? Why so special a time?"
"Maybe that's the time this country got it's independence. To the second."
"OOhhh, you're so clever! And in case you're unaware of this, 8:22 came and went. Without a fuss. You lied."
"I did not!!! It says so everywhere! Even on the highway!"
"Oh I know! We time jumped. We skipped the moment! You programmed this, didn't you? And to think that you were writing that crack for Sims City to add a few thousand dollars in your account... I knew it! You were writing a time distortion algorithm. You're so clever! *grin*"

We went Vivo because I was looking for lonely planet's Cambodia guide and I really needed some bras. I didn't get either.
Watched Up in 3D instead. The 3D glasses were quite smudged and I had a hard time with immersion due to the frames blocking my field of view. I pressed the glasses hard on my button nose and voila! better view.

Thoroughly enjoyed Up and definitely watching it again in the theatre. The part where Russel used a leave blower to navigate, too similar to another scene in Wall.E where WallE did the same with an extinguisher.

In the cab home, I had the usual dilemma again. What do I do when I graduate? I figured, I'll just be really good at my job and earn a lot of money. Ya. That sounds like a plan.

Note: 8:22pm is just an arbitrary time for when the parade reaches it's conclusion or when the NDP committee were giving speeches. Or something like that. How disappointing eh?

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sensory Input

"I had the most boring day today," he said.

"I had a wonderful time. Even though work isn't terribly exciting. But I had a great time going out with my colleagues. The girls are mad!"

The girls are wonderful. Wonderful!

I laughed so much. Oh... I will miss Stitch when she is away for the next 3 months. When she comes back, I will most probably be having my exams, hopefully THE academic conference and then the year ends. Woah! So strange. That means... I've been in the new job for a full year. Wow. Can't imagine... Because... I feel... I didn't learn much on the job. Blah...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

He said he just wants to talk to a real person...

That's why people get married, I guess.

He's 34. He's me in the future.

Monday, July 27, 2009

What's with the face?

He asked.

"Huh? I was just thinking about crowd simulation and collision detection."

Here's my new beer garden AUNTIE hair as ND will say.

Oh well... I'll live.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Laughed till we got tired

And teary and exhausted~!

What a fun day hanging out with ET and Stitch. Ha... Eat. Shop. Walk. Suanz. Shop.

Blah... All I got was a shiny, sequins (so getai!) black tights. Which is still very funny.

And I make ugly clothes look good... I know!

ET tried on a very low shirt in different colours. She asked, "Which colour better?" We said, "Same colour, ah." (staring at her cleavage).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

With bitch buddy :)

Emo... On the beach in Seminyak right opposite the clubs.

Flying the kite in the middle of the night.

Kuta beach!