Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Personal life is picking up!

Everything is spinning so fast!

Personal TO DO:

1. Study - Class starts on tri-mester 2008, approx Aug. Registration & tuition fee$ on 2nd July. Time-table?

2. Tennis - the gang has graduated, so they are kinda free now. They are going to take tennis lessons. I will go with them too. Need to exercise & be in shape. Borrow racquet from Andy/Siong Boon/Steve. Approx June. After that, will book the tennis court through company Rec Club. [http://www.racquetresearch.com/]

3. Learn music - Yamaha standard flute is on sale!!! Wanted to take lessons since early this year. Hmmmm.... comtemplating.... $600 for beginner's YFL221... Tentatively June/July.

Yoriyos - The Pied Piper


Aurora said...


vuvie said...

You are mad! I just posted this one minute ago!

Aurora said...

I'm Fast Eh?
I'm so eager and wants to see the picture u took in japan mah.....