Monday, May 12, 2008

Pondering: I left my soul in Tokyo

Had so much fun.
Met so many new people, I forgot how exhilarating that can be.

Now that I've been single for some years, I found being alone is quite relaxing. Walked alot. Love it. Took some nice photos. Love it again. Got lost a few times. Quite like it too. I think I am fine alone now.

I found this website too late, but vowed to do everything he recommends:

On my next trip... I will do them all. Especially the architecture one. Gotta get me that darn map he is talking about from that GA shop.


EMILY said...

Sometimes, spending our alone time with knowledge and inspiration makes us smarter and sexier!!!!

vuvie said...

Smarter, definitely!

Sexier? Eeerr... I am not one for sexy. My face just doesn't cut it :D