Thursday, May 22, 2008

Desire to be the perfect housewife

No, actually I don't.

But ever since I was a kid, besides liking the boy's stuff; photography, robots, bonzai gardening, martial arts, yada yada, I like girls stuff too. Secretly, of course.

Shhh... truth is... I like to bake. No, seriously, I do. My mum is great at baking, cooking, sewing... you name it. All the traits of a perfect housewife. I like them all except cooking. I can't cook. AT ALL. My brother is a great cook, he got that. I did not.

But I like the rest of them baking and sewing. I used to help her bake and even bake quite a lot on my own. I was in Shibuya, waiting for Afiza when I saw this fabric shop run by a few old men... Gosh such BEAUTIFUL cloths!

Me: Sumimasen. This... one metre, please.
Old Man: Ichi metre, des ka?
Me: Eeer...
Old Man: Ichi metre... Wan metre?
Me: Yes, yes. Haik. Ichi metre, but make it two? Ichi metre, Ne.
Old Man: Aah... Haik! *points to pink fabric* Kawaii.
Me: *laughs* Hai! Thank you, arigato.

And oooh do I love sewing. I love picking fabrics. She will always tell me to choose something I like. One pattern can come in 3 different colours! How exciting! Then we will pop over to the haberdashery next door to pick the right buttons, piping, ribbons... Putting them against the fabrics to see if they match. Oh I love that so much.
I love watching her measure me, draw and cut the patterns. She will discuss with me, telling me why she is cutting the pattern a certain way. Make sure you cut a little more generously for the inseams. Just like Pa likes to lay out all the photographs he took on an outing and discuss them, I soak it all in. So imagine how excited I am to discover this free pattern site: Burdastyle.

Go there! Go there quick to get the free pattern and whip up some pretty things for yourself.

PS: I think nobody sews in Singapore. I just can't seems to find anything!!!

Singapore Fabric shops:

Cottons & Linens

Lists of fabric stores in Singapore and in Yellow Pages

Edit: I am so going to use those fabrics to make this apron bag!

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