Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sighing: My work hard drive DIED

3 hours ago... As if I am not sad enough already.

Some of my photos' most probably gone.

BUT my work stuff. Which isn't all that important when I really think about it...
BUT it's my work STUFF. The stuff I've had to go down on my knees to beg people for. Things I discover on my own.

MY PHOTOS! Damn it. I want to kill myself now. But I live on the 7th floor and I am not 100% sure I will die if I jump. So I didn't.

I think... I am genuinely sad. I actually cried for 6 seconds. With tears. Tears! Haven't seen them in a long time.

Half the time, I am not sure what I feel. I didn't get hysterical but to one extend, I actually thought out loud, "Can anyone help me, please?"

Stupid PointSec has to encrypt it. Now what? Now what?


Aurora said...

6 seconds? "-_-
why not ask rudi for help?
------- to save yr hdd.

vuvie said...

It's ok.
Company's. Someone is there to help.

BUT my data didn't backup. My pics!

No need to ask rudi. My *ahem* housemate tried to help. With his powerful equipments somemore.