Friday, May 30, 2008

Sighing: Scary Peeps

Seriously, I didn't want to say this but I have to.

My colleagues are quite creepy.

Firstly, they are all like dead autumn leaves. Then even the ladies walk around with scowls on their faces. I've been screamed at for no apparent reasons and even ND stand witness to this.
Worst part? They all look similar to me!!! I am great at remembering faces and even better at reading them.
Now, I just couldn't be bothered.
I'd rather just look out of the window and watch the clouds go by.

My boss asked me, "You don't have any friends?"
Well, Yeah...
But I call it generation gap.

*Where is that sexyback I saw more than a year ago?

Edit: Emily drew it out here:


EMILY said...

I feel it... I draw it out... called "Breath"...

vuvie said...

On the subject of autumn leaves, Afiza collected all these leaves for me...

I love leaves. I remember loving them. But singapore has made my heart cold.

I actually said, Why??

Then she said, You can throw them away.

But I don't want to throw them away! I like leaves!