Friday, November 16, 2007

Stalking the girl of your dreams

How one thing leads to another.

As some people might know, I am so darn infatuated with Yuki Isoya. I listen to her songs everyday. And today, I searched for her images and came to Vimeo, where the co-founder of that project, Zach Klein was trying to dance to the video in his office.

I looked at his video thumbnails and gosh, the colours! It's all so beautiful. Then I saw this:
Patrick discusses the girl of his dreams...

What struck me was the colour scheme and lighting. Don't you all agree that this is the most gorgeous colour scheme ever? I want a green wall! And that red wall behind that girl too!

[By the way, I just realised you can see my view progression from the tabs in Firefox]

SO I had to watch the video. When I watched the video for the first time, I was admiring the cool green backdrop and great strobe on the right, how it creates such nice shadows, vignette etc... The video editing is quite simple but beautiful at the same time.

Then I went, "Huh?" at the part where he said he should've talked to the girl in the subway.
Wait, what is he talking about?


Ok. Apparently he saw this dream girl in the train and started a witch hunt for her. Eer, I would definitely be crept out! o_O
Well, somewhat... ^_^ I am just jealous. No, it's really sweeter than my projection.

He saw her in the train, didn't have the guts to talk to her. Bought a domain and setup a website with just one picture that he drew (everybody go aaaww, now), describing the encounter and what they were wearing/doing.

Patrick Moberg's illustration from his website:
Deja vu? Yes, because this is quite similar to Daniel Powter's Bad Day. And Amelie from Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain. Life immitating art, huh?

So anyway, boy find girl with the help of NY-ers. Everything is well chronicled in laughing squid.

Well well well. So what is the moral of the story?

1. Take the subway/train instead of cabbing.
2. Watch people in the train instead of reading your book/tech documents.
3. See someone you fancy, setup a website and draw the whole thing out. Provided you can draw in the first place.
4. For the girls, wear flowers in your hair but try to make it elegant/sweet and not look like crazy hippie woman.

Hmm... I like flowers in my hair but, but, but I doubt I can achieve any of that.

One a more serious note though, I really think the problem is in Singapore, we just don't go out.
I, for one, love to stay in. I cab most of the time. I work the rest of the time. I try to shop after work so I don't need to go out on Sundays. I do my laundry lovingly over the weekend. I hardly meet anyone. Sounds familiar? It is mine and everyone else's story.

Hmm.... I have no idea how to make it better. But I guess... we should take things slower. Go out over the weekends, take the train, dress pretty.
The works...

My hair stylist was telling me to get my hair done for Doreen's wedding but I was skeptical.
He said, "Come on! You really should take this opportunity to doll up. Do you want to look like this all the time?"
By this he meant casual even in dresses, or I hope that is what he meant. After this story, I think I will take him up on it.

Ok. Off to drop my recycling stuff at Salvation Army.

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