Friday, November 16, 2007

The dead cat

Was on the way home. Feeling good about my hair treatment. Look at my hair bounce!

At the crossing one block from my home.
An insane bag lady wanted to cross too. A dead cat is in the middle of the road. Wait a minute. A DEAD cat is in the middle of the road!! He is fully intact.

Cars were zooming past it. They're always inches from squashing him. Every time a car fly past him, I scream. I've decided, I want to move him. But how? As I was trying to call my housemate for reinforcement, another lady (sane, very sane) came to my side of the road and asked aloud, "Is that cat dead? Oh my! Do you want to move it?"

I replied in high-pitched voice quickly,"Oh my god! I am so glad. I really want to move it but I don't know how!"

I forgot to breathe.

The nice, very sane lady started rummaging her bag for something to wrap the cat in, while I frantically punched at the knob to turn the traffic light red. Every time another car sped by, both of us shrieked.

Finally, the light turned yellow for cars traffic. We ran to the middle of the road, knelt down but I didn't know what to do. You see, I don't like cats. I don't touch live cats, let alone dead ones. So I put the plastic bag the very sane lady gave me over his head, while she shove the cat into the bag. The bag was too small! Oh no. A young guy was crossing from opposite the road. We looked up at him helplessly, trying to tell him the whole situation in our Minnie Mouse voices. He came over, saw the situation, knelt down and said reassuringly to us, "It's ok..." picked the cat up with both hands and brought it over to the side of the road.

I mused loudly,"Where do you bury cats here in Singapore?" The very sane lady replied,"It's ok, we can put him here at the road side." So the young guy did. We started gushing our gratitude to him but he just smiled and waved us off, like he save dead cats from the middle of the road everyday.

We started crossing the road, the very sane lady and I. The whole time we were playing out that drama, the insane bag lady didn't cross. She crossed at the same time as us.
I suppose, in her insane, dysfunctional brain; she wanted to save the cat from having it's brain crushed post-mortem but all she could do was imagine it in her head, silently.

I talked to the sane lady. I think I am in love!
She is so funny, eloquent and kind!
We talked about all sorts of things. I told her our neighbourhood is full of kind people, relating the yellow umbrella story to her.
She said,"Well you are a young, pretty girl. I am sure that is the reason!"
I laughed, "You are mean! I will just hold on to the belief that he is kind."
She said,"Oh come on, now!"

She walks really fast, though. I told her I hope to see more of her. I hope it didn't sound like I am hitting on her or anything. She replied gleefully,"I am sure we will! We are in the same neighbourhood"
I wanted to ask for her number but I am too shy.

Oh kind, funny, eloquent and very, very sane lady. I miss you, already! (^ω^)