Friday, November 9, 2007

Kind man with yellow brolly

Went for a nice dinner with Susan. We were bored. She made fun of the my tan. I did not tan, ok. It's the genes. If only she knew, how I wish I have chinese skintone and chinky eyes. She said,"You will look really funny with those eyes." I said,"Well, like Lucy Liu, eh?"

People watching... as usual. She said I dress odd. Har? Don't make fun of my comfy kappa casuals ok. They are way cool! I love sneakers! White sneakers especially.

"No no, you are wearing skirt, you should wear shoes like mine. See. Let's exchange".

And we did.

"Your jeans look better with my kappas, dammit!"

"Ah! I told ya!"

"Ok. Fine. I am walking around with mismatch shoes for the time being. Let's see if anyone notice."

Went to the toilet. Unfortunately, people did notice because the toilet is on the level of "tatami" seats of tcc. One guy actually pointed my shoes to his girlfriend.
I just act like I really wanna pee.

How funny. We are both the same shoe size even though she is 170cms at least.

I wish I have her height. But I only have her shoe size...

On the way home, I clenched my butt like she taught me to. She says it will make me bootylicious and cellulite-free. I like the sound of that!
Ouch! Butt cramps...

As I walked out of the station to my home, it was already drizzling. Dang. Do I protect my notebook or my hair?
I decided to go with my notebook. Hunched over, notebook in my chest, I walked swiftly. My mind wondered, to that time in Tokyo, when Afiza and I were walking under the drizzle. I sighed.

As I walked, I thought to myself, where are the kind people when you need them? I always share my umbrella.

Crossing the road silently. The guy in front of me turned twice. Is he wondering if we should cross? The green man has only just started blinking.

He said,"Hey, you want to share my umbrella?"

As I skipped up to him, I thought to myself, Yellow brolly! I love yellow brolly!

We crossed the road and came to a junction. I had to ask first.

"Are you going to the right?"
"Well, do you have to?"
"No, I am going left."
"Great! So am I. Stopping there to pick up coffee."

We talked. I said normally I am the one to offer the umbrella. This is really good karma! Yay! Thank you, karma.

We chat away. I told him I will write about this on my blog. Maybe he regretted sharing his umbrella with me. I talked about everything except how much I really love yellow umbrella at the moment.

We parted ways at the coffeeshop. I pat him on the back and thanked him.

Thank you, kind man with yellow brolly.

As I paced, sheltered from the rain; I thought to myself, there are kind people here.
And it was a yellow brolly.