Thursday, November 8, 2007

In the absence of a shopping list

I realised I love shopping. Oops.

I love shopping alone, I mean. I will go out alone, with my shopping list and find them as cheaply as I can.

But... what do you do when you don't have a shopping list? Where do we go??

Nathan with Tokko hachimaki
I wish they have Uniqlo here. I always call it Uni-glow. Afiza have to constantly correct me. Ah, that and hachimaki. When I finally got the pronunciation correct, she squealed. Hahaha. I love you, Afiza. Oh my... you will soon be Dr. Afiza. Sungguh bangga!

Oh ya, Afiza, remember when we were reading the Uniqlo newsletter and they say they are opening in NY? I took a pic of it for you.

So what do I do if:
1. there is no sales.
2. I don't have something specific to buy?
3. I can't go to the bookstore because I always end up buying books for all the wrong reasons. Even my brother got into this trend.

I go to.... Daiso! Where everything is $2. Yippee! What a fantastic place to go. There's 3 Daiso here; IMM Building, Plaza Singapura and Vivo City. Paper art, kitchen stuff, household things... yay yay!

Or if I want to be fascinated with clever organic things... Muji! Love the clever storage designs. The clean, muted, organic colours. The grape vinegar! Love the packaging, love the drink! I can spend the whole day there, looking at the things, trying to figure out what each does.... Especially at the new big one in Marina Square. So beautiful. Because everything is so expensive, I can only look... But wow! How interesting. Turns out, their products are innovative and have won a lot of awards for product design.

Many a times, I stood outside skinfood admiring the quaint, organic feel of their shop design. Then I go in and squeal like a girly girl (which everyone knows I am not) at the very quaint, very organic packaging. I will buy the products because of their packaging alone. It's that pretty.
One of my favourite things to do back in Melaka was to walk around the town admiring the quaint buildings there. Oh, did you know? Once I even went into the sikh temple near Bukit China during one of their celebrations? I was the only chinese there. I was curious. I wanted to know more. I was only 15. The sikhs in their gorgeous sarees and exquisite shirts, turban gave me rice and curry. Long story that one...

So when I am broke and without a shopping list, I shop. But for an entirely different reason. I feast my eyes on visually pleasing shops. I feed my curiosity with innovative, earthy, organic products. I make sure the hole in my pocket's not any bigger with cheap, good japanese things from Daiso. I end it all, happy that I spent it indulged in loving myself.