Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lusting: Unexpected damages

Kinokuniya has 20% discount for the past 3 days. Went with Kelly. I did not intend to buy anything but walked out with these magazines...

Damage: $90 plus.

Woah! These mags really bring out the nerd in me.

1. Academic Adobe Photoshop CS 3 Extended ($529).
2. Wide(r) angle lens.
3. Bigger portable harddrive.
Got meself a nice 250Gig Maxtor at the PC Fair. And a really cool Garskin to boot. I am in heaven! Hehehe.
4. Nikon SB 600... Sto-fen Omni Bounce(?)
Was in Gotemba with Apie... Oh man, you guys should've seen the Nikon shop there! It's like heaven for Nikon lovers. I bought it! I BOUGHT IT! Hahaha
5. GOOD tripod.