Friday, January 18, 2008


My skin's been acting up again. So I have to be extremely careful with how I treat my life.
Why do I say so?
Well eating the wrong food could cause allergy. Not sleeping enough could cause eczema (at least for me).
Dirty environment could cause eczema...
Hair products could cause eczema...
Eer... Emily will say I have the glass child syndrome. Have to be in an extremely sterile room.

Having said that, I still managed to get allergy reaction twice in 10 days.

The first was because I couldn't fall asleep for 2-3 weeks. Or is it the new liquid foundation? My face started itching and there were bumps but I thought it was just pimples. Then it started to get really itchy and weeping. Believe me, I didn't make that word up. I was searching for skin allergy this syndrome is called weeping. Basically, small blisters start to appear on skin. Ruptures after a few days and keeps watering. Sometimes it dries up but the watery part will come back.
This kind of allergy is called: Dermatitis.
The syndrome is the exact opposite of eczema but the itching, which after you scratch will result in scaling; pretty much put it up there for me with eczema.

I was treated by the doctor with steroid and hydrocortisone and one month's worth of tetracycline/doxycycline. Har? same treatment as eczema? I could've diagnosed myself.

I kept at the doxycycline but the syndrome persists on another area of my skin. So I went to another doctor in Chinatown. Apparently, he has a reputation of healing these problems really fast. Ugh...
The clinic is right at the corner of Smith Road. The whole shop looks like... an old pawnshop! The dispensary has metal bars, which I am sure has a dozen coats of paints underneath, but at this moment, is white. The nurse is an old dude; shiny head with a laurel of greys.
Old Male Nurse: What you want?
Me: Eeer... to see the doctor? *uncertain grin*
Old Male Nurse: Been here before? Any allergies, ah? *Stood up and reached for a patient's card*
Me: Here is my IC. First time here. Allergic to aspirin.

*Old Male Nurse wrote my details out.*

Old Male Nurse: Go in to the 2nd door, lah.

3 metres to the left, I can see the back of the shop. It looks exactly like an old chinese coffeeshop, complete with the usual mess that comes with the back kitchen.

I looked uncertainly at the 2nd door he had indicated. "Come in!", a voice bellowed from behind the door.
I knocked hesistantly. Pushed the rickety door, with a dozen under paints but currently white.

The doctor is as old as his male nurse, a head of white hair, hands behind is head; chairs on 2 legs.

I went in, sat on the chair and grinned.

"So... are you married?"


"Just a question."

Sickening deja-vu.

"No. Eeerr... doctor, see I have this allergy here. "

"Ooohh... bad bad. The other side?"

"Don't have."

"Oh, you're here because of your husband?"

Grrrr... "No."

"Hmmm... Studying?"


"Oh... Planning to get married here?"

"Ya. *whatever* the plan is there"

"Ok. I am prescribing you one week's worth of medicine. Come back next week. Good luck with your marriage"

"Eerr... thanks, I guess."

I didn't know what he prescribed me because the male nurse didn't say. But it works wonder! I was healed in 2 days.


Thong Teck Clinic
72, Smith Street

Phone: 62236946