Monday, March 2, 2009

A Virgin In Any Other Name

"You need filling."
"You have a cavity."

You see, I've never had a filling done ever in my life. Up to this point in time, I've had fantastic teeth.

"Errr.... does it hurt?"
"No, lah. Just a very small hole. Stop fidgeting so I can take a picture for you to see."
"You're still moving too much."
My tooth was on the tv monitor which was showing "Heroes" 5 seconds ago.
"Oh... Does it hurt? How long will it take? I've never had a filling before... Does it hurt?"
"Just 5 minutes. Won't hurt."
"Ok. Then do it!"

So he did. And took an after picture on the tv screen. One moment I had a tiny hole on my tooth. The next, it's all smoothed out.

Then he proceeds to clean my teeth. Smells like fruity bubble gum. He's so gentle. And thorough. I like!

As I was gargling.
"We're done."
"Huh?" I was dazed. The reclining chair whirled from lying to sitting position.
"Come back in 6 months' time."
"Oh...." No cuddle? That was my first time....
"Smelt like bubblegum...." I tried hanging on to the moment.
He chuckled. "See ya. Bye."

You're my favourite dentist. I will never stray.

Call me?

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