Sunday, March 1, 2009

I ♥ Laura Mercier

Ok... As it is, I'm already a big fan of Laura Mercier base makeup range.

I will only use LM's primer. Partly because this is one of the few (or only??) primer that is non silicone. I am also using the Eye Basics - eyelid primer.

Due to dark circles (and now fine lines), I am obsessed with my eyes before leaving the house. Now I love MAC. I think MAC has the best eye shadows: great pigments, does not fall off, does not crease. But I really need a more casual/cream eye colour for the days when I don't want to pick up my brushes and start painting my eyes.

I've tried a few drug store brands and they were a dismay. Either too cakey, dries too quickly to blend, hard to control the blending, creases, funny colours... you name it. Which is why I've stayed away from cream for the most part.

Then I read reviews of Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour. Especially on this colour:
Rose Gold

Now I love gold. And earth tones. And some shades of purple. But nothing pink has ever really worked for me.
So I was piqued. If it works for me, then this can be my cream colour for the rest of my life! Haha.

Ordered it from StrawberryNet. Received the package in about 4 days. Woah impressive service.
Tried the colour....

I love it. The colour is great. The tube makes it easy to control the amount to use. The texture is smooth enough to blend properly. Love. Creasing does happen. But the colour is oh so naturally beautiful.
This tube makes me want to experiment more with cream colours!
Note to self: Must try MAC paint.

I must say, cream shadow saves me half the time to get my eyes prep in the morning, even the flow is cut by half. Or perhaps it's the colour. It's so pretty alone that all I need to do is highlight the brow bone and I am pretty much done. (Please blend with a cream brush. Very important to use the right brush!).

The colour is an unique darker-ish pink with gold. Just enough gold to take the dullness away but not so much that you can wear during day. Perfect casual/day eye colour!

Laura Mercier, I heart you.

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