Friday, March 13, 2009

Marks my 30th vial of Fancl Tense Up EX

Today, I drank my 30th bottle. And that should be it for the time being.

Any difference, you ask? Well... I have a fantastic measuring method. You see, as a kid, teenager and then young adult, I never knew I had a dimple on my right cheek. I mean, my mum and brother, goodness... the dimples are so concave, they look like they sucked their cheeks in. But me? Nothing. Always with that fat cheeks.
(I wished so hard to have dimples and be part of the "gang".)

But... this year, the shy dimple decided to make her appearance. And wouldn't go away! So I know, my skin has sagged... Just smiled into the mirror. That darned dimple is still there.

Conclusion? Yes and no. Even though I don't see vast difference on my face, my skin feels smoother all over, especially on the more "saggy" areas.
Totally recommend this to everyone who wants to pump up their collagen.

Note: Drink more water as this can be heaty. I got pimples on my forehead.

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