Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Repost: My Birthday 2005

(First posted in September 2005)

Which also happens to be my last day in ANTlabs.
Sad? Happy? Relieved? I don't know what I am supposed to feel. But I definitely felt a lot of emotions.

I have been really happy since Thursday night. Thomas, Helen and Hwee Ping took me out to Merchant Court for dinner buffet. Chocolate fountain. We ate and bitched about everything. Which is really, what I do best. So touched with their presents; mostly it's their company.

Midnight, Thursday, sent out my thank you note that got spinned into a long, very long email :|
Which got replied mostly by people I didn't mentioned 8|.... the CEO. Eh?

Friday morning, rush to work. Some dude carrying a bouquet of roses came into the office, "Miss Vuvie". I actually got scared... I wanted to hide under the table. What? Why call my name? AAAAAAAAAAAAH. Turns out the flowers' for me. Huh? Phew! It's from Nicole, Johnny and Melanie. Eh? So sweet!

Gotta finish setting up the server for Alvin. Ugh! Haven't backup my stuff. About 12pm, Rudi came to our office, snaps his fingers and asked, "Ready to go?" Not really... still didn't quite understand something. Ah nevermind. To keep him busy, told him he can play with my camera. Which he gleefully did. Hahaha.

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