Monday, August 23, 2010

Chicken-y Pox

So my colleague got chicken pox. 2~3 weeks after sitting very close to the another colleague during lunch.

And I talked to her prior to her "collapse". *Gulp*

Now given any other situation, I would've gone to the doctor pronto. But I just came back from summer vacation, I had allergy reaction, I hate my hair. The usuals.
So I waited. Which I should not, to get vaccination.

Once exposed, a person should get vaccinated in 5 days' time. Which is not guaranteed either. And then you wait. For maximum 3 weeks for anything to happen.

Firstly, red rashes will start either on body or top of head. When water bubbles appear on the rash, you know you've got it.

Wish me luck. Waiting for the results.

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