Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Stop being so emo about ~


"I'm not emo about work. I'm emo about school."

Started crying. Can't stop.

"This is so unlike you. Do you have gay love for robot girl? You should tell her."

"No~~~ But yes. She's one of the reason I'm sad. She's my only friend in school."

"What about Zin?"

"Zin graduated. She's full-time and she finished everything except her dissertation."

"You can make other friends. Maybe you just need to cry. It's a cleansing ritual?"

"That's not it... I won't be depressed about work. Nope. I won't be depressed about school. No wait, I might because I love school. I'm definitely depressed about robot girl. And all of a sudden all three things hit me at the same time. I'm not made to take so much sadness. I am depressed."

Thomas' mom just died. So suddenly. All I could say to him was, "I can't take it." He said, "Neither can I."

Then I'd been reading Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. He reminded me of dad, and he is dead. I miss dad.

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