Saturday, August 15, 2009


"Oh! You're leftie!"

Lefties are more aware of other lefties. Blame it on being minority in the world of rights.

For a long time, didn't hit me why:
Takes me such a long time to unlock the gate.
Blistering thumb whenever I use the scissors.
The can-opener doesn't do what it's supposed to.
Fighting elbows at the dinner table or lecture hall.
The saw was so hard to use during carpentering class.

On top of that, people don't really like you when they can't share your guitar, baseball mitt or hockey stick.

Lefties I've encountered are extremes. They either achieve greatness or are so totally useless they're better off dead. I guess, it's a matter of adapting to an opposite environment.
You either persevere or give up totally.

However, I should be grateful of the (primary & secondary) school I was in. Almost half the of them are lefties in one way or another.

I'm now living in a leftie apartment. Just want to put that on record because I know, once I moved away in a few years' time. I will forget.
Forgetfulness is my way of dealing.

Left-handed scholarship:

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