Sunday, June 14, 2009

Amy Winehouse

without the tattooes.

I've finally managed to learn the liquid eyeliner cat eyes. And brave enough to do it. Well, I guess I don't have a choice due to my strange new hair.

Even thought I line my eyes these days, I rarely flick up. I just let the brush follow my eyes and make them round and somewhat droopy. But fear not! No more frumpy eyes!

I bought myself the brown eyeliner from Etude House with recommendations from the girl with the moustache. A very nice eyeliner by the way.

(Believe me, a good eyeliner comes with a thin brush. Tried the hard spongey ones, too messy).

Googled for how to apply eyeliner and found the video below:

Ah har! Practised a little. And voila! Look like cat now.

And I must say, Etude House has a lot of cute packaging. Can't vouch for the products though.

Amy Winehouse, behold! Here comes your asian wannabe.

And then, I watch the how to conceal dark circles. Which I think is great too:

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