Thursday, May 14, 2009

You wouldn't believe even if I tell you

the route I took just to have dinner with you.

Left office early. Hopped on the bus to the nearest train station. Stoned out on music. Reached Woodlands Customs.
Huh? Looked around. Ok... No way am I walking the expressway.
Can I find a staircase to detour? No.
Can I go up the escalator? Yes.

Now I am here at the Departure hall, can I turn back? Go through the tunnel to to Woodlands?
I walked egress to the crowd. The police officers stopped me.
"Where are you going?"
"Oh, I took the wrong bus, so I want to go back."
"Ok. Go to ST office in the building."

Ok... what's ST office?
I walked into the customs building. Went into the ST office.
"Hi, I took the wrong bus *smile*. I will like to get back the other side."
"Any identification?"
"Will my IC do? Here ya go."
"Where did you want to go in the first place?"
"Oh I wanted to go to Woodlands interchange, but I hopped onto the first bus that says Woodlands, turns out it was coming to the Woodlands customs."
"Ok. Becareful next time. This is a high security area. Alright, done. Now to through this door to the Arrival hall. Scan your bag as usual and you're good to go."

So just to have dinner with SH, I've took the wrong bus to Woodlands customs, got escorted, whizzed between Departure and Arrival hall in 10 minutes, scanned my notebook bag.

That's a great story to tell.

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