Sunday, February 1, 2009

Different shades

Sorry for people who rss or been waiting for the next beauty thingamie that I am going to post. Haiz... I am, after all, living the life of a superhero now. Studying and working.

Alright, recently, I've been noticing that my skin is of different shades. Well, I am sure it's been like this for a while now except that I never bothered to look at my own skin much. Anyways, that irks me. I love my tannish skin. I cannot imagine being too fair because I know I will look jaundiced, but I can't bear having so many different shades of colours!!! I want to be one shade.

So I've been searching around and here's what I found out:


Whitening soap
Silka / Likas Papaya soap - A lot of pinoy ladies swear by this. Popular on soompi & flowerpod. I've even rushed out to Lucky Plaza and bought myself 2 bars. Let me test it out and we shall see. From the forums, this soap sounds very drying. Please moisturise afterwards. Or oil yourself half an hour before showering (who so free? Siao). Some says Biolink is good too but have to be used along with their other products. Could be an effective product for cleaning off sunblock.
Let the lather stay on your skin for 5 minutes before washing off. That's the best method.
Price: $3.50
There are another brands "Miss White Princess" and "KSA Magic Whitening Soap" but I was not keen to dig at Lucky Plaza. Some says #04-88 has the most products. Ok. Will confirm this next time.

Whitening scrub
Mandi lulur - Any kind of mandi lulur (body scrub in bahasa) from any indonesian jamu shop. I buy mine from Kampung Melayu near Paya Lebar. Joo Chiat, or Tanjong Katong. Please avoid those labelled "Pradasari". That one has the coarsest beads. Scratch my skin like wanna bleed! But for those with tough skin. Be my guest. Some says pradasari works the best for them as the others are too mild....
Price: $2.50

Side note: Papaya enzyme anything has whitening effects. For mandi lulur; licorice, bengkoang, susu, mutiara are all ok.

Whitening lotion / cream
I have no idea about the whitening lotions because I just use whatever that's selling cheaper in watson's. However, having said that, I know some that seems to have whitening effects according to the forums.
Watson's Whitening Lotion - one huge bottle for about $6. I am not sure about the whitening effect but surely the price you pay for that is really ermm... ok lah?
Vaseline Intensive Care - Err... about $5 for a small jar? I am not sure about the whitening properties but smells like yogurt. Nice!

Whitening serum
Bio-oil - got mine in Watsons Malaysia. Costs about... RM33? Helps in improving uneven skin tone. Or so I heard. (I will never argue about beauty things with pinoy ladies!) Using it for stretch marks. Haiz... Let's see how it goes.
HABA White Lady - Ok this is for the face mostly but I LOVE this! I love HABA. Totally natural and suitable for all sensitive skin. And this really evens out my patchy skintone. However now that I am on doctor's perscriptions, I've stopped using it. About $80~ a bottle. HABA White Knight is for oil control.

Highly Rated Drug Store Brands
Olay White Radiance Night Cream
ZA Whitening range

Haku Whitening Essence

[Yes, unfortunately, I am so vain I will use face products on my body]

Some people sing praises of Kate Jones' products. I am just too lazy to order online. I am not so needy... yet.
But the raves for:
1. kojic soap
2. luz cream
3. coco puro

Other says Yanko products (can get from Taiwan) works for them. Not sure....

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