Sunday, November 23, 2008

e.l.f, marjolica marjoca and sephora

Besides being makeup. These are brands that's not available in Singapore. Until now!

I was just at Ngee Ann and saw the sign showing a Sephora shop in renovation. Of course I had to tell Thomad. Who looked at me and said,"Does it matter to me?" Thank god he said that. He knows too much about being a woman than most of us...combined. So I am glad he didn't care too much.
(Ya right. I'll bet he wants us to go in with him to check out the products.)

And... today, I was just going to sasa to buy more brushes when I saw... e.l.f!!! I mean, no offence but Singapore has not been know to carry much mid to low range cosmetics. It's either high end like my mum's Estee Lauder and the likes, or sporadic American drugstore like Loreal, Maybelline. So I am glad Sasa brought in e.l.f and promptly bought the "brightening eye colour" in 2001, Buttermut. This is basically just a quad eyeshadow powder in the very safe earth tones that I use a lot. I've also gotten myself the "long wear lip liner" in 1904, natural blush. Ai... All those funny names. I'd rather just remember the numbers. Anyway... this long wear lip liner is a little too light for my lips but I wanted it for the nude effect. And it delivers!!!! Ok This is a keeper! And it comes complete with a little sharpener! Woohoo to the colour. Let's see about the long wear part tomorrow.

I was rushing into Watson's to get my body lotion because I am so dry I can feel my hands cracking for the past few weeks. Then something magical (in the colour of gold and sparkles) caught my attention. I read it again. Yaaaay! Majolica Marjoca is in Watson's!!! Now no more waiting for the next trip to Japan to stock up. I personally like their Sky High Curl which actually curls and lengthen your lash before you put your mascara on it. You gotta, because it's white in colour! Don't want to walk out like ghost, right?
So I felt as I have to do them justice and support their launch in Singapore. Looked around. In then end bought the red eyeshadow; Shadow Customize, RD422. Anyone who knows Majolica Marjoca will know the cute packaging it comes in. Yesh! It's that lovely! Especially the eye colours. It's a little transparent square with a little gold plastic button on the top. I like picking it up with my thumb and index on the gold button. So cute, lah. So there. You deprived locals... You have the mid ranges now. Hmmm... Rimmel London should think about coming here too...

Huh? Huh? Cannot remember? Recap:

1. Sephora in Ngee Ann City
2. e.l.f in Sasa
3. Marjolica Marjoca in Watson's

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