Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You should check with your kid

I was looking through the calculators for exams.

"Hi, Are these calculators approved for exams?"

"Our's all approved by MOE. Not sure if this is in your kid's school list."

Ok. Fine. I won't be petty. "Ya. My fault. I forgot to print the list. Can I borrow your office computer to access my email? I want to check the calculator list."

"Eh? Cannot, lah. This is corporate use only. Not for everyone. You should've brought your kid's school list."

Grrr... "Fine. Fine. I should make a call."

"Ya! Go ahead and call your kid to ask. Should've called your kid in the first place."

"It's for me. Not my kid. No kid."

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Heloooo Singapore girl...
Thanks for the tag dear... This has been a busy tagging month... Thank you so much for thinking of me, honored indeed... Singapore is a fab island... been there - done that... ;)Hope to hear from you again sweetie! Hope you'll enjoy our 'brown'journey...hee*