Thursday, October 23, 2008

6 things

the very cute ashley has tagged me in this... crikey...

Well, I really like her (≧∇≦)/ So here goes.

Here are the simple rules:
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Vuvie's 6 Random Things

I've decided I want 2 lists one lovely and the other not.

Pretty lovely list

1. My brother is 3 years younger than me. When we were little, I would act all big sister and tell him things like,"What are clouds made of? Cotton candy. Of course!" "Yes, there is fossil in that mound of earth. If we dig hard enough, we will find it!"
One day, while drinking a can of 7Up, he raised his hand to me for it. I put the can in his and said, "Don't shake it now. If you do, it'll all vanish." I've finished the whole can, by the way.
He took it. Shook it. Said, "Ooh... No more... Cause I shook it..."
He was about 2. I was most probably 5.
Even now, he thinks I am very clever (^_^)
(I would love to deny that incident but my dad caught the whole thing on tape)

2. I love being on stage performing or giving speeches but I am really shy (#^.^#) in reality and prefer if no one notices me.

3. My name means Gentle Clouds.

4. I thought that I would grow up to be a ninja. Apparently I didn't. My mum on the other hand, put me in ballet. Erp! I know... I know... wasn't too good at it. But years later, I did quite a few different kind of dances; latin ballroom, jazz, improv movement... and I was pretty good!
... Secretly, I still wish I can be a ninja (^_-)

5. Obsessed with sci-fi since little.

6. Vain to a fault. Love cutesy kawaii anything.

Not so lovely list

1. I hate inefficient people who waste time. Especially so if the time is mine. Time is extremely precious to me. Oh and illogical at that. Hate.

2. Don't like falling in love. Mess up my internal circuits.

3. Boys with curly hair always break my heart (u_u)

4. Don't want to... (¬_¬) get old...

5. I think I am suffering from hair loss, but I have too much hair to notice.

6. Trained in a few different martial arts. (⌒▽⌒) Dad had a little dojo corner back home with punching bag, nunchuk, bo, wrestling gloves, you name it.

I tag:



here it is...
6 Lovely things:

1. the velvety dog's ears no other material can match the softness & feel
2. Japanese beer...yes I luv beer & drink straight from the unlady-like, but I am dangerous like that!
3. Fresh flowers... I need my visual delight fix everyday... in person & not from a pic... admiring God's creation...Thank you God!!!
4. Perfume by Philosophy called "Amazing Grace"... who doesn't want grace right?! A sinner who needs God's forgiveness.
5. My home sweet home... the best & secured place on earth... I can run up & down the hallway naked without being arrested!
6. Cosy knits fabric... sweaters/blankets/ anything knitted I adore... I'm not sure why... Hmmm must find out fm my therapist! hee-hee*

Well, I'm only choosing 6 lovely things if that is ok.... This is so fun dear... I'll skip this week therapy session, Thanks for saving me $150.... hwahaha! Sorry dear I'm alittle crazy sometimes errr... most of the time! ;)

~God bless you!

EMILY said...

1. I love myself. (Why would you expect love from others when you are affordable to give it to yourself?)
2. Love to buy alot of earrings. Thinks that earring will bring out the best from a lady!
3. Tall guys that I like always like short cute girls, damn!
4. I would choose a great conversation over a candle light dinner.
5. I am falling in love with latino dance. It makes me feel sexy.
6. One moment, I think that I am a boring person. The next second, I think that I am so interesting.

ashley said...

gentle clouds- how amazing is that- so beautiful!
your poor brother- very tricky;) to be honest this list is kawaii!!
dont worry about getting old- i read a great quote once:
"how old would you be if you didnt know your age" and loved it- how true!!
x ashley