Saturday, June 14, 2008

Who says female engineers have to be...


I've always been technical. I can hold my own when it comes to any technical discussion or customer meetings.

I love sci-fi. I love telco. I love being challenged. I love dresses. I love makeup. I love cutesy-pretty things. I love ribbons. I love digital photography. I love talking nonsense. I love linux. I love whacky earrings. I love sitting for hours writing complicated scripts. I love high heels. I love exploring new technology. I don't even like sappy chick flicks.

So I do NOT believe that good female engineers have to be ugly or dress like male. The mind does not deteriorate just because you wear dresses and your legs might feel kind of cold. It's all in your head!

So here are videos from 女人我最大; on how to apply eyeliner for 3 different asian eyes.

Personally, normally I will line my eyes like below to get the chinky look: