Sunday, June 22, 2008

Falling down the stairs in Mango Orchard

Aaah... the mad rush of Mango sales. I didn't plan to go or buy anything from Mango because I am still suffering from that big hole in my pocket from shopping in tky and bkk.

But I past Mango on the way to get my jeans from the seamstress. So I went in. And walked out $250 poorer. You see, I have a weakness for dresses. And now, vest. Got meself 3 vests, 2 dresses and 2 camisoles. (Also have a bad habit for layering even though I live in the tropics).
I just couldn't resist getting the blue polka dot dress that looks like the one tokyobanhboa has. The only other one I've seen was from Naf Naf which I thought was really cute too. I even wanted to wear it with long spats like tokyobanhboa. But stop short of that. Spats and me... we don't have good relationship.
Ok, just googled and found that only in Japan does spats mean leggings. Yes, I meant leggings.

Anyways, armed with my oh-so-fabulous finds; I proceeded to walk down the impossibly shiny black stairs. Oh no, slipped on one of the black step and fell forward! Luckily, it's sales period and there's a lot of people. I fell on a sales assistant who was coming up with two handful of clothes. I grabbed onto her to stop my face from kissing the ground. I apologised profusely but deep inside, I thanked her for being so strong because she managed to support this heavy girl. Now I have this redness on my shin. Tomorrow, it will turn blue. Oh well, I guess there is no avoiding the leggings now.


Aurora said...

Naf Naf is having sale in Jusco.
Just went last saturday.

vuvie said...

Where Jusco?

There's jusco in Singapore???

Palak Kumari said...

I am very fond of mango, delicious fruits

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