Monday, September 10, 2007

BEAUTY DIY/ Knowledge -Hair: Permanent treatment

Very long story about how suddenly I become the hair expert now.

Let me start by saying, I am very cheapskate and lazy. My method's not the best but most suitable for lazy, cheapskates like myself. So there!

~Sunday (1st Sept) went to this salon (HairPlus in Serangoon), highly recommended by my friendsssssssssssss....

Anyway the stylist gave me orangey-blonde highlights on black hair. When she toweled my hair, I was so distressed, I told her, "I don't like this at all. I don't want tiger hair".

But she didn't do much besides saying,"Oh you so conservative, har? Not adventurous?" What??? My fringe alone has 4 parts of black and orangey-blonde!

That was about it. So that marked the day I became tigerlily for 3 days before I get it fixed at Chapter 2, Marina Square.

Also, the fact that I look like mee hoon kway auntie/ 7th month getai singer. On a side note: very old ah peks from the hawker stall seems to like that hair. Thomas stand witness to that. ~

Ok what I want to say here is:

1. In the event of a botched dye job, get it fixed in 48-72 hours. Can be fixed one, not to worry. A lot of experts believe that this is the window period before the hair dye lock into your cuticle.

In my case, I think so lah, hor?

2. Do not try to do it yourself because you might end up damaging your hair more. Get an expert to do it. Because now your hair will need a treatments too. Cannot save on that. Serious! You want hair like hay??

Gross, nobody will sayang and pet your hair. Except for your own mother, but that is out of pity I am sure.

3. There are colour removal for permanent dye or just dye a darker shade. I think for us, black hair ppl, the best bet is to darken the shade. Which is what I did.

BUT remember, not to use heating whatever to get the dye in. Hair was already damaged in the first dye so let time do the work instead. Make sure your hair stylist is not using those heat stuff on your head the 2nd time.

4. Treatments! Very important. For me, I have sensitive skin. So I told the 2nd stylist that. He mixed a very mild dark dye for me.

Opt for Loreal or anything else instead of Wella. Wella's products are very strong with very high chemical composition and not suitable for sensitive skin.

And there's no pain or itchiness. Aiya... how women suffer, right? Anyway there are 2 very important treatments during hair augmenting process.

a - scalp treatment. Very important, hor! Our scalp very kesian.

Kena tortured like nobody's business but we give so much attention to the dead (hair is basically dead once it leaves your scalp) but none to the living skin. Wah Lau!

So this scalp treatment is a must!It helps to soothe and care for your scalp while ridding all the chemicals that might've fell onto your scalp.

b - hair treatment. Hair dead already why still wanna take care?

Well problem is, we mess with the hair so much, that it looks "dry". Dry texture is caused by raised cuticles on the hair shaft.

See any marketing for shampoo will understand what I am saying. So this treatment is to flatten the cuticles, soften the hair for a nice shiny sheen.

AND lastly keep the moisture in (not sure about this la, so I read on google).

Ok lah, want to sleep already. If anybody needs anything, just comment lah, hor? For those difficult steps, I will include pictorial guide but the model is most probably me. So tahan only lah hor.

Chio Bu Wannabe

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