Tuesday, September 11, 2007

BEAUTY DIY/ Knowledge -Hair: Caring

Anyway now you have your pretty, fake, distressed hair... So how do we take care of the poor poor head after that?

Well, these days treatments very outdated liao. Not like last time our mothers, wrap in hot towel. Now there's stuff to apply on the hair that cares, styles and doesn't need to be washed out.

Again.... my skin very sensitive one. So I can't anyhow take the leave-in styling/treatment products. Which is a good thing really because I don't believe in putting too much crap on my head everyday. My face already needs too much of my attention (this will be a beauty blog for another day, patience!).

Let me explain how sensitive my skin is to hair products. I've had cases where the first day I put the styling product, I get breakout and rashes on the part where the hair touches my skin; which is back and cheeks...

(Face cheeks hor! My hair not so long lah, siao! You think Yoko Ono meh?).

Sooooo.... always do a patch test of any product behind your ear or on your wrist. Basically styling products' no good lah. Don't use unless it's your own wedding then boh pian....

The 2 products I will like introduce for sensitive skin:

1. REDKEN: Fresh Curls Curl Refiner leave-in anti-frizz detangler for unruly curls

Fresh curls is a leave-in moisturiser, that curls and anti-frizz. SO GOOD HAR? Ah then? Price also very good. $35 plus from chinatown. If get it in salon will cost about $50 plus. I lied to the nice stylist that I want to do 24 hours patch test. Then went to chinatown to get it cheaper.

2. Phytologie: Phyto Defrisant Relaxing Hair Balm

HOWever... I still feel Phytodefrisant is a better defrissing balm. All natural vegetable thingie..

Aiya anyway these days all natural liao, if you see behind the tube and there's a flammable sign, put it back on the rack and run far far away.

Remember the "America's funniest home video" where the auntie's hair caught fire? Use those flammable products loh. I kid you not.

Anyway for our tropical, humid weather; almost everyone have frizz so having a good defrizz is extremely handy.

Well, if it's too expensive for you, then you can use macadamia oil (the highest ingredient in Phyto 9; helmed by Jennifer Aniston) or coconut oil.
Where to get? Don't know yet. Still in my searchlist.

Anyway, try to go natural. If you don't need styling products, then don't!

Now we know how and what to use to care for the curly, frizzy hair... what about the shampoo and conditioner?

Aaahh... Very tricky one. For me, I curled the ends (wavy hair want to keep long... plus vain!), and now it's coloured.

But I have oily, sensitive scalp

~~why always so sensitive one!?!?! Better live in bubble like bubble boy!~~

with dry ends... HOW!!??!?!

Fret not! Chio Bu Wannabe is here to help!

Firstly, get a shampoo for oily scalp like teatree or peppermint. Sure can find. These days shampoo's like the new age kuih lapis / "chiu chen kau" = 9 layered kuih. Very varied, very colourful, very assorted!

-By the way, I really don't like the new kuih lapis. Very colourful, eat already scared get cancer!

Also remember to check your shampoo properties as indicated in the picture below. Try to avoid shampoos with either of the first 2 properties. Too harsh! My current shampoo is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is still not good enough.

The best pick will be TEA Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate!

Then get the appropriate conditioner for your hair. If you permed, then get the perm conditioner. If coloured, then get coloured conditioner. If like me... Err, since I got the curls leave-in, I opted for the coloured conditioner.



1. Shampoo the roots of your hair only. Also make sure you scrub & massage the hairline on forehead, behind ears and above nape. This will prevent pimples and breakout on this area.
2. Condition from 2/3 of your hair to ends.
3. Make sure you wash your back clean clean or else can get pimples one hor.
4. Rinse thoroughly.


Unless you do home hair treatment, then you can shampoo all your hair.

Oh what is that I hear??

You all screaming,"DO what treatment!?!?! Just now say no need to do home treatment why suddenly talk about this!?!?"

Aiya... still vain. If got time, do loh... After all, watch tv already wasted 2 hours, why not just put the stuff on the head before watching right?

Ok... also got "mi zhue" to hair treatment one.



Olive oil
Aluminum foil cap (can get from Daiso for $2, traps heat that's emitted from the head)

1. Microwave the oilive oil for 15-20 seconds. Depends on how hot you want.
2. Pour it over the end of the hair. Massage your head abit if you like.
3. Put the aluminum cap over your head.


Watch tv............................. As long as you like. Till you wash your hair later. But please wash from roots to ends this time as olive oil is very oily. Depends lah you want to use conditioner or not this time.

Later, will feel your hair's very soft and smooth. Can do once a week. Sometimes, I will mix with other hair treatment to make it more potent. Cheap stuff you get from Watson's home brand is good enough.