Tuesday, April 20, 2010

try me

I work for what I want in life.

Got a job that pays less and isn't as "glamourous". In anticipation of grad school... (In hindsight, what if I didn't get the candidature?)

And I managed to:~

Work full time.
Go to school the rest of it.
Organise company events, producing almost all the artwork.

Scalded my tongue so badly with coffee, I can't taste anything anymore. Except salt which feels waay too salty now.

Commonly heard from people who understand both worlds:
"You work 5 days a week?"
"You work full time (and you're doing your MSc)?"
"How do you split your brain in half?"
"When do you sleep?"

If this is not dedication, I don't know what is.

1 comment:

EMILY said...

some people choose to dedicate themselves to be like others. And you choose to dedicate ur life,in your own special way.