Monday, November 30, 2009

He feeds me

with music that I will not easily discover on my own.

Wonderful music day and night; when I am walking around the house. When I am sleeping. Dreaming to the music he's playing in the other room.

And I love. I love them all. I love his unconventional choice of music. As old as 30 years ago and still going (Pink Floyd).

Once he heard Eric Johnston in my study and said, "You like this? I didn't know that. This is Joe Satriani taking a dump."

Another time he said, "I won't go with you to Oasis concert. But I will like to go for Dream Theater alone too because I don't want you to ruin it." And I comply.

We have our own musical world. But when these worlds collide, sometimes, we are grateful. I am grateful because ~

He feeds me with music.

(Currently I am also a contributor at because I always get quite obsessed with music I hear on tv too!)

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