Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chocolate Rain

So my mum thought I will benefit with some protein drink. And promptly bought me one from Herbalife.

This is not about the benefits of this drink even though I must say, this drink so far has been good to me. Not about losing weight but a more balanced diet.

Anyways, to drink it, you have to shake it in lukewarm water till it all dissolve. However, I found drinking the soy drink alone is quite nasty so I like to mix with chocolate. And unfortunately, I like my chocolate hot.

So yesterday night, I'd put in hot water, mixed chocolate and soya. Shake. In the dark, I just kept shaking, not realising that the hot water and vigorous shaking had caused a huge amount of energy built up in the tumbler. The next thing I know, it had exploded with a loud noise and I am covered in hot chocolate. Except... I was only wearing undies and my torso felt raw.

With that too, I discovered I'd proven the effectiveness of a certain pad from "Shop & Save" for weak bladder. Which I discovered only after this explosion.

The experiments I do to prove my case. Tsk tsk.

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