Sunday, August 9, 2009


I was laser-eyeing the waiter when he said, "Dr. Who timing. In 4 minutes, everyone will stand up and sing the national anthem."
"Huh?" (I've no idea if he really did say Dr. Who but that's what I heard.)
"There's no end to your oblivion, isn't it? At 8:22pm, everyone will stand up and pledge their loyalty to the country. With the national anthem to boot, I believe."
"Ok... I'll pretend to be a tourist and continue eating."
"No excuse."
"You're lying... why 8:22? What's that in minutes? 502 minutes. What does that stand for?"
"Not so complicated, lah."
"Then why? What does that signifies? What's the computation in seconds? Why so special a time?"
"Maybe that's the time this country got it's independence. To the second."
"OOhhh, you're so clever! And in case you're unaware of this, 8:22 came and went. Without a fuss. You lied."
"I did not!!! It says so everywhere! Even on the highway!"
"Oh I know! We time jumped. We skipped the moment! You programmed this, didn't you? And to think that you were writing that crack for Sims City to add a few thousand dollars in your account... I knew it! You were writing a time distortion algorithm. You're so clever! *grin*"

We went Vivo because I was looking for lonely planet's Cambodia guide and I really needed some bras. I didn't get either.
Watched Up in 3D instead. The 3D glasses were quite smudged and I had a hard time with immersion due to the frames blocking my field of view. I pressed the glasses hard on my button nose and voila! better view.

Thoroughly enjoyed Up and definitely watching it again in the theatre. The part where Russel used a leave blower to navigate, too similar to another scene in Wall.E where WallE did the same with an extinguisher.

In the cab home, I had the usual dilemma again. What do I do when I graduate? I figured, I'll just be really good at my job and earn a lot of money. Ya. That sounds like a plan.

Note: 8:22pm is just an arbitrary time for when the parade reaches it's conclusion or when the NDP committee were giving speeches. Or something like that. How disappointing eh?

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