Sunday, July 5, 2009

Indecent proposals

"I heard you used to have a boyfriend. What happened? No more? You know I am here."

-Err... I was playing with your kid last week.

"You really are a special girl..."

-And you really are married.

"You're cute, silly and smart! You're the perfect girl!"

-And your wife's...

"So... how many kids do you want?"

-I don't want to have your kids if that's your next question.

"What do you do after hours?"

-You're standing too close. Crap, are you sniffing me???

"Hey! So, I was thinking about you when..."

-We work together, and I've met your wife.

I will need some special powers to avoid these situations.
I think I'd like to stop time. So I can run away.
So grateful school's starting soon! Can start to ignore everyone.

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