Monday, October 27, 2008

All Guilty

I should be working on my CG assignment but I ended up in Bangkok for 4 days. Guilty as hell. Bought tons of stuff to make up for the guilt. Didn't help.

One minute I was laughing very hard, the next I am almost in tears. I'm officially tired, overworked and getting no where with school. I should just give up and lead a normal life.

But we did take a lot of crazy pictures especially with the props and costume-y stuff I kept buying. Useless funny things. How I love thee.

Of course, I was really happy that I got my nerdy glasses, vintage-y clothes and lots of MAC eye colours. And oh, those home decor stuff. Hehe. So happy. And the earrings compartment. Anna Sui immitation. Don't you just love Thailand?

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