Saturday, July 5, 2008

All about the ass

Embarassing as it might be, this is something I do quite naturally.

I check out the ass. Guy's ass. Especially if I meet them for the first time.

And if I see a good one?

Justin Timberlake's "Sexy back" will play in my head. But I've, of course, mastered the pokerface not to let my thoughts show.

So imagine how I feel when I saw the video of Madonna's 4 minutes. Ya, take 5. Imagine...

I mean really, Justin Timberlake! You've got great ass even though you still look like a kiddo.
And Madonna's seriously scary... with her ah-mah underwears... I remember only really fat people wear those things. To lose weight... NOT for dancing or whatever... What is he thinking???

SO here is the video as critiqued by Video On Trial:

Oh yes! This guy said it right when he said, "I am a booty connoisseur."

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