Saturday, March 22, 2008

My boss said, "Maybe you are wearing the wrong perfume"

I've an unfortunate love for fragrances and yet never be able to tell what I like even if I read the top, middle and base notes crap time and time again.

So here is my review on what I've tried and the reaction to my chemistry.

1. Christian Dior Addict 2
I don't really like this smell personally.
I am so not in love with it but I bought it anyway because... Thomas, my not-gay-but-act-gay fashion advisor took a whiff with me and said, "That is a gorgeous smell". I said, "You think?" He nodded vigorously.
I bought it.
Everytime I wear this, I get a different reaction from guys.
1st case, Kelvin said, "Hey... nice smell! You are doing something right with yourself this time."
2nd case, JN, aggagerated sniffing, acts like he is swooning, "SOMETHING smells really good! Is it your hair? New shampoo??"
All positive! (though, I got a little scared of JN and his whiffing around me)
So what can I say? This is a smell to get some guy hooked and dizzy for you, and most probably couldn't see the fat pimple on your face.
Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Orange, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Lotus Flower, Pineapple, Watermelon, Grenadine, Sandalwood, White Musk.

2. CK IN2U
Got this sample from the launch. Smells like insecticide mixed with alcohol. After 10 minutes, I still smell like insectide. The kind that is NOT meant to be sprayed on your skin. I wanted so much for this to be CK One. Too bad, lah. An insectide in any other name will still kill you.

3. Clinique Happy for Men
Sadly, I used to wear men's perfumes. Yes. And managed to attract quite a lot of girls. So kudos to Clinique. This is one happy perfume. I remember stealing my friend's sister's Happy for Women back in college. I remember it was a nice, sweet smell. Have to try again to confirm.

4. Christian Dior Forever and Ever
I heard this perfume is really light and spring/summer. So I went out and tested it. Now the inside of my right elbow smelt like a really annoyed spinster teacher. So musky! Yucks. Too stern for the tropics. Hate it. And the ugly pink bottle didn't help much. It looks like those liquor bottle that you see these old English men stealing a sip from when no one's looking, then slip it quickly back in their jacket.

5. L'eau Par Kenzo pour Homme
A somewhat spicy scent that I finished one whole 100ml bottle and absolutely loved. Didn't know why. I cannot imagine wearing this smell now. Must be my butch days. Grr. Anyways, it is a decent homme scent. I will most probably want to neck a guy wearing this. Or not. Depends on how it reacts to his chemistry.

6. Christian Dior J'adore
I had to spray a lot of this at the Suvarnabhumi Airport because I was sweating so much then. I also remember talking to this nice thai man about life, the universe and everything. The airport was new, we were transported by shuttle and we had to go out on the tarmac. I thought it was quite funny. And the fact that my armpit were two pools of sweat. So I ran to the nearest duty free and douched myself with the prettiest bottle in sight. It is such a pretty bottle... sigh...
I must say, the smell is quite alright. Mature, sophisticated, quite apt for the season then, autumn. Staying power is quite fantastic too.

7. Davidoff Echo for Men
Got this for him. I really liked this smell but I wasn't thinking about anyone when I smelt it.
I just thought, "How nice. How fresh. I want this. Oh wait, men's perfume? Ok, let me get this for him."
In retrospect, this is a bad perfume for a man. Any man. It is the kind worn by sensitive, fashion-conscious, low-self esteemed early twenties boy. Or those stuck in twenties mentality. Or gay men.
*Sorry if you like this kind of men. Not me. I like men who doesn't carry a manpurse/manbag or whatever it's called.*

8. Kenzo Amour
Oh god... I don't even know why I tolerated this. It must be the bottle. What a beautiful bottle. In 3 fantastic colours!
But the smell. Gag. Smells ancient, in a bad way. Like curry powder that had gone bad at least a decade ago. Oh... wait, it says here some of the notes are dark wood - thanaka and incense. No wonder! Double whammy of sandalwood-ish smell. Ugh. Maybe when I turn 45. Maybe never.

8. Gucci Envy Me
Tried this at Sasa. Mmmm! Really nice! Smells fresh, summer and light. Unfortunately too light. After a few hours, I can hardly smell it much. Then again, I do really like it and how it reacts to my body. Will buy!
Notes: Pink Peony, Water Jasmine, Pink Pepper, Lychee, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Pink Musk, Seringa, White Tea, Sandalwood, Teakwood and Musk.


And my all time favourite summer scent is: Burberry Brit Sheer.

Can't help the pink font. I've never thought that Burberry will be my scent. I've always thought it is Christian Dior, YSL or Estee Lauder, which is why I am always hovering around their counters. Not one other Burberry perfumes have me going "mmmmmmmmmmmmMm". Most of them just got me wrinkling my nose in disgust. So when I saw this with a magazine, I thought I will have to discard it too. But I gave it a try anyway. And it was euphoria.
It was so light, so ethereal.

Picture this:

Running across the field in white cotton dress, catching butterflies or grasshoppers (if that is what you fancy). Beatles music at the background. Sepia tone, soft-focused edges. Everything is so pretty, young and carefree. Satisfy my inner hippie instinct.
I went crazy. I wanted to own it. The biggest bottle of it. I went all over Singapore looking for it. I want to find a place that will supply me for the rest of my life.
The bottle is still the same shape as it's predecessor but the checks in frosted pink. The glass feels heavy and well-made in your hands. Unlike some pink plasticky one I've mentioned above. When I smell this, I wish I can stuff the nozzle permanently in my nose. That is how much I like it. I have to spray it everyday and I am quite sure I over-do it for work. I don't want to spray the air and walk through the scent. I want to wash all my clothes with this.

So for all the guys who love the way I smell and couldn't wait to undress me, hehehe; here's what's making you stupid:~
Notes: yuzu, mandarin, pineapple leaves, lychee, grapes, peony, peach blossom, sweet pea, nashi pear, white musk and amyris wood.

*might add more to this list whenever.