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Benefits of Tea Tree

Someone asked me recently: How to treat acne on extremely sensitive skin? Honestly, I wouldn't know unless I see your friend's condition, Somu, but in general I will like to talk about this almost miraculous thing called tea tree, which is suitable for acned, sensitive skin... in moderation.

NOTE: TEA TREE CAN TEND TO BE DRYING. Do monitor your condition for a week at
least and tune the usage accordingly.

The best and most useful is to get the pure tea tree oil or Melaleuca alternifolia. Actually tea tree is native to Australia and used for medicinal purposes by the Aborigines.
I used to get Thursday
Plantation but a lot of pharmacies' not carrying this anymore.

So how
and when can we use tea tree? Believe it or not, tea tree is extremely versatile.

Here are some of the benefits of tea tree:

Antiseptic/ Bacterial Properties:
A general disinfectant that fights bacteria in all kinds of wounds and infections.
Anti-Fungal Properties:
Treats fungal diseases affecting humans and animals.
Anti-Viral Properties:
Fights may common infectious diseases.
Anti-Inflammatory Properties:
Good skin penetration capabilities.
Antimicrobial Properties:
Extremely low potential for skin irritation or sensitisation.
Helps the body to fight off all kinds of infections. This is especially important if the body is weakened already.
Cleans Wounds:
Tea tree oil dissolves pus and cleans the surface of wounds without damage to the tissue.
Repairs Skin:
Tea tree oil helps skin to heal by by encouraging the formation of new scar tissue.
Excerpt from

Basically tea tree oil can be used on skin, vaporised, inhaled, d
rip into nose or mouth... Well if you know you can take something orally, it certainly can do no greater harm applied in any other ways at all.

I will concentrate on it's benefits for the skin.
For bites, inflamation, cuts, acne or (the reason I got this tea tree oil) paintball wounds; dab tea tree on the spots.
Dilute it with a little water.

In my case, I spritz a layer of facial mist, then lightly massage the tea tree oil on the problem areas. I said,
LIGHTLY massage. I feel tea tree oil works best when mixed with a little moisture. Too pure and it just doesn't seems to work much, in my opinion anyway.

So what about products with tea tree ingredients? Simply brilliant, I'll say!

T3 Pimple Gel by HOE Pharmaceuticals

For people who are too sensitive for prolonged use of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, this is the perfect topical treatment for your stubborn acne.

It is mild enough for a big splat to be applied on the problem area. But pointless, really. It is kinda watery and will slip. Just use a good amount and it shall do the trick. Also this does not cause scarring. Very nice. But do not get the red T3 Pimple Gel+. Contrary to the name, it does not contain tea tree oil at all. Can get at any local pharmacies for less than $6, I think.

Derma E Tea Tree & E Antiseptic Creme

What an interesting product. It is cream base but not oily because of the 5% tea tree oil property. I will say this is one of the best tea tree cream I've ever used. Does not clog and yet not too drying. Good as a moisturiser. I use it as a night moisturiser. Can be purchased from Nature's Farm pharmacy for about $20+.

Enfuselle Acne Clarifying Complex by Shaklee

If you have sporadic smallish bumps and pimples on the whole face, this is quite a good product for that. It contains my favourite, favourite tea tree oil and a very small amount (0.5%)
salicylic acid. So it won't aggravate sensitive skin. Mild enough to be used on the whole face. But gives off a white-ish matte mask. Best used at night. Can be purchased at any Guardian pharmacies that carry Shaklee products. I think this cost about $20... Can't remember, but definitely less than $30.

Caron DepilSpa After Wax Soothing Lotion

Hehehe... Eerrr... I like this :P Bought it after my first brazillian wax. Yes it is an experience worthy of a post in itself. Anyway, I think aftercare lotion is extremely important to prevent ingrown hair and rashes. This really does it well. And it has tea tree oil. I am a sucker for things tea tree. No rash, no sore, no ingrown. Bought this from the spa for about $28. Easily available in Australia or from Australian websites for AUD25 and below.

Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blackhead Minimising Mask

One of my absolute favourite tea tree peel off mask. It is meant for nose really, and should never, never be used on the whole face.
But some creativity on the use is definitely allowed. On days when I have big breakout, I will put a dot of this on the inflamed area, let it dry out, peel off and viola! The oil's been sucked dry, the inflamation's gone down. It really hasten the healing of big breakouts. Costs about $20.

On a side note, tried the tea tree facial wash. Too drying for my skin. I felt like my skin's going to crack
after that. Baaad!

T3 Acne Body Wash

If you have acne or tiny bumps on the back, this is one product that my mum swears by. I have the occasional bumps or two and this has helped in so far. I will say for the price, $6, it is definitely a keeper.
I will like to stress one thing though, DO NOT SCRUB your back. It will make the problem worse. So it's best to just wash it well and let it heal nicely.

If the problem is chronic, I will think Body Shop's tea tree wash is more suitable. But beware, that is only recommended for people with oily skin.

This on the other hand, is gentle for daily use and doesn't dry the skin out unnecessarily.

These are some of the products I've personally tried that contains tea tree.

There are a lot of products with tea tree oil like Kiehl, Aesop.

Always try to get a sample product, find out if it contains other ingredients like sulfur,
benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, AHA, esorcinol etc.

benzoyl peroxide (main ingredient of Oxy) is not my favourite way of treating pimples and salicylic acid burnt my skin 3 months ago. I will go with tea tree all the time unless it is totally unavailable.

On a side note:

Tea tree's smell is really an acquired smell. Hahaha. It smells quite awful really and to put it on your face and bear with it... A real feat. Once you get familiar with the smell and come to love the benefits of it though, you will like the smell, I assure you.

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