Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BEAUTY DIY/ Knowledge -Hair: How to maintain curls

Some one said my posts too wordy... Ah then? Word's the only thing I know, mah.

So for a $500 head, how do you maintain the curls with your oh-so-fantastic leave in moisturiser that also curls and defrizz ah?

Oh.... very easy... Knowing me... Lagi easy! Follow the steps below, lah.

I am using the U one instead of the chopsticky-ish bun holder. This is easier for me. Some say, to maintain equal curls, make 2 buns and curl them in. Eeerrr.... To me, got curls, happy enough!


prityfly said...

hi. welcome to nuffnang!
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:) kim

The Bimbo said...

hihi! I love your step by step... :) I'm just so lazy to do all that. haha usually even too lazy to comb hair.. :)

vuvie said...

Thank you, Bobo.

Ai... Cannot be lazy! LOL